Quarterback Club

About the QBC
The Olathe Northwest Quarterback Club exists to provide financial and social support to the players and coaches of the Olathe Northwest Ravens Football Program.  The goal of our club is provide the team with anything and everything they may need to achieve a successful football program. The QBC provides pre-game and post-game meals, summer transportation, special equipment, senior career gifts, the annual banquet, college scholarships, and more. Money for the club is raised by an annual mulch sale, membership dues, selling advertising, and selling spirit wear. All of these activities require volunteer members. We hope that each of you will take the next step by participating in the myriad of club events over the coming season.

Becoming a member of the ONW QBC is completely voluntary but strongly encouraged. As a member of the QBC, you will have

  • Access to special photo and video features of our website
  • Will receive communication by way of email to keep you informed about events, meetings, fundraisers and other activities.
  • Keep your player eligible to apply for one of four college scholarships awarded annually.

Annual family dues are $100 per player for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and $50 for freshmen.  Thank you for your on-going support and GO RAVENS!

Executive Board
President – Jason White

Vice President – Ken Boyd

Treasurer – Beth McCoach

Secretary – Rachel Elvin

Senior Class Rep – Jenn Koch

Junior Class Rep – Chrissy Manning

Sophomore Class Rep – Tiffany Savage

Freshman Class Rep – Kristina Belshe

Associate Head Coach – Jon Krug

Committee Chair Board Members
5th Quarter Meals – open

Banquet – open

First Downs for Down’s Syndrome – open

Mulch – Wendy Andrew

Pregame Meals – Ken Boyd

Program Layout – Leesa Gabel

Program Sales at Home Games – open

Spirit Wear – open

Senior Night – Ken Boyd

Website – Jim Adam


Operating Income Sources:

  • 71% Annual Mulch Fundraiser
  • 20% Annual Member Dues
  • 8% Sponsor / Advertising Revenue
  • 1% Spirit Wear Sales

Operating Expenses:

  • 30% Summer Camp Expenses (summer camps, padded camps, 7 on 7, buses, insurance)
  • 20% Senior Gifts
  • 17% Banquet
  • 17% ONW Quarterback Club Annual Scholarships
  • 15% Food (non-donated 5th quarter, pre-game meals, freshman pizza, Super Saturday)
  • 1% Miscellaneous (senior night, corporate registration, other)

The board anticipates that annual revenues may fall over the following two school years as the division with Olathe West is absorbed.

Membership Tables will be updated in August of 2017

Freshman Members 2016

NoYearNameO PositionD PositionParent
49Donahue, WilliamQBLB
69Byrd, HarrisonWRDB
99White, KalebQBDB
129Sadler, MasonQBLB
139Jenkins, JonTELB
159Irwin, IanWRDB
179Ringstad, M.J.WRDB
209Savage, BenWRDB
229Todd, QuinnRBDB
249Becker, EliWRDB
259Barnard, CadenRBDB
269Mendoza, BradyRBDB
339DeLong, ConnorWRDB
389Evans, SethRBLB
499Novacek, JacksonTEDL
549Conger, SamOLDL
579Kaufman, KadeOLDL
589Jurard, EvanOLLB
659Svetlak, NikOLLB
669Baiza, AlexOLLB
709Sharpe, WyattOLDL
749Henige, AlexOLDL
Varsity Members 2016
NoYearNameO PositionD PositionParent
111Koch, BraydenQBDB
212Pfister, CharlieRBDB
411Butler, JacksonWRDB
512Baiza, JamisonRBDB
710McCoach, TylerQBLB
810Wallace, RyanWRDB
912Boschma, DavidK
1011Mendoza, RyanWRDB
1412Donahue, MaxWRDB
1512Elvin, CharlesWRLB
1612Patterson, HunterWRLB
1710Manning, ColeQBLB
1812Holmgren, CharlieP
1910Bolden, BrendonWRDB
2111Irwin, LoganRBDB
2510Franks, ChaseWRDB
2710Vrendenburg, CJWRLB
2910Tracy, AndrewWRDB
3011Shirinian, ValWRDB
3111Marlette, CodyRBLB
3211Bowman, JonRBLB
3312Avery, AshtonRBLB
3410Dumas, DrewRBLB
3710Morris, ColeWRLB
4112Burchard, NickRBLB
4312Kennedy, BrooksRBLB
4512Bernhardt, AlexWRDB
5110Pearcy, DrewOLLB
5412Cost, CodyOLDL
5612Hartquist, ChaseOLDL
5810Wolfe, JakeOLLB
5912Huginin, BlakeOLDL
6111Adam, TrevorOLLB
6212Kaminksy, ConradOLDL
6712Gabel, AlexOLDL
6912Hockett, AlexOLDL
7211Swinford, SterlingOLDL
7312Oswalt, NateOLDL
7512Staton, BradyOLDL
7711Sinclair, MattOLDL
7811Marinakis, MichaelOLDL
7810Krall, ReeceOLDL
8011Midyett, MitchWRDB
8411Mittlieder, JohnTELB
8610Kavilla, ElijahWRDB
8812Vanderslice, MattTEDL
8911Parks, JackTEDL
9111England, JakeOLDL